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The traditional Alpine chalet uses the MADRIER SYSTEM. thick timber planks stacked one on top of another to form a unified structure. It evokes the traditional art of mountain living, its every detail perfected over time – a place for comfortable living in both winter and summer, just as in ages past.

From our experience in this type of system we have acquired that special expertise that takes account of every parameter during construction, like the settlement that occurs as wood dries and contracts until it reaches its final moisture content.

Different plank thicknesses are available, from 72 to 112 mm, enhancing the natural insulation provided by the wood. We incorporate interior insulation too, to ensure proper compliance with the latest standards (glass-wool, wood-wool, etc.), and a 31 mm inner plank for the inside wall.

We use our own patent system for cutting and assembling the planks, a system that minimises thermal bridging to ensure optimum comfort.


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